“Your not going to make your grandma cry with a cd of images”.  I recently read this comment.  I thought this was really clever, making the point that while you might not want to make you grandma cry (well, maybe just sentimental tears over her grand baby), you will want something real and tangible and of quality to hang on your wall, lay on the coffee table or sit on a shelf and of course to share with family who would like to do the same.

Digitals are really popular and there is nothing wrong with wanting them, but too often they get stuck in a drawer, lost and not printed. It’s great to share them on social media, but they will there soon be lost in the virtual pile of images and not special as they should be. Not only that, what if the technology changes and then your cd is outdated and your images can’t be accessed. For this reason, I really emphasize beautiful products to be added to your home collection.

 love to surprise and delight my clients. I do. I watch my clients light up and ohh and ahh when they see the beauty and the quality of the products I provide. Since I do sell digitals in addition to my product line up, I try to make sure that the products I offer are really special, that it’s something you wouldn’t be able to have done for yourself.

So here is the 2014 Senior Product Line up

The 12×12 Bamboo Panel Mount | Bamboo Signing Board

Senior bamboo panel wall mount

This is sooo beautiful! I’m super excited about it. Its a storyboard linen texture print mounted on bamboo.  This piece has a contemporary, clean feel to it. I have a few different storyboard options to choose from. It can be used to have friends and families sign at your grad party, or as a stand alone wall piece.

©2014 Tara Price Photography

My next favorite is the 8×8 linen album. The quality of this album is un matched! The pages are really thick and sturdy as is the spine. I keep the layouts really clean, to showcase the Senior. You can also tell that the seams have no gap and lay flat. It comes in several different colors as well as a 10×10 in leather in several different colors. You can get these albums in 20 images or 30 images. They include a fabric dust cover for protection. Perfect for a classic forever keepsake for your coffee table.


The 4×8 and 3×3 Mini Accordion Albums. These little babies have layouts for several images on the front and back of the covers which are hard book covers and also on the front and back of the accordions. They have magnets that hold the two ends together and come with frosted slide on cover for protection. The 3x3s are perfect for purses. The 4×8 are a little bigger if you want to set it on a shelf.


The 5×7 Designer Gift Prints. These are so cool. They are coordinating designs that boarder your images. They are mounted on foam core and have a linen texture, and uv protective coating to them. In fact all of my prints 5×7 or larger are mounted and with linen texture and uv protection.


Custom Image Boxes

These come in two different sizes.  The 5×7 Image Box with 10 mounted 5×7 prints with linen texture and uv coating is also perfect for the coffee table as a keepsake or Custom 4×6 Image Box with each of your finished 4×6 proofs.


So as you can see, I try to offer a fresh and unique product line up that fits into what you want to have in your home. Of course, I also offer classic mounted prints in many sizes and gallery wrap canvases for your walls. More to come!