Choosing Your Family Portrait Wardrobe

Choosing Your Family Portrait Wardrobe

Let’s talk about dressing for a successful family portrait season!

The portrait season is upon us, and I couldn’t be happier! I know it can be unnerving enough as it is to get in front of the camera. Add in the stress of figuring out what to dress every one in and it can become downright overwhelming. And, let’s face it. It’s typically mom who is going to be the one with the job of making sure everyone looks great in what they wear. Well, let me help give you some simple tips for dressing everyone for their family photos.

1. Choose your color palette. I find that choosing two or three colors to build everyone outfits around works really well, thus giving a cohesive look to family portraits. Start by choosing one great outfit and build your others around that. Below is a great example of doing just that. I’m not 100% sure, but I would bet money that big sis’s outfit was found first. It’s a beautiful plaid with mauve, grey, cream and some navy. All of the other outfits were likely chosen around that. I like that baby and Dad have a nice balance of grey and Mom’s got the cream and mauve tones.

2. Don’t be rigid about choosing your color palette. I would caution you not to be hard set on your color palette until you go and see what colors are available to you for the season. It can become frustrating to have something certain in your mind and then to go out and it’s not out there. Each season has certain popular colors being sold. Be open to seeing what’s out there available to you.

3. Matchy-Matchy is not always the best choice, lol. Okay, in certain instances this can work. One of these instances can be seen here with my Mommy and me studio sessions this year. I’m encouraging moms and kids to wear white or off white or all light tan or petal pinks. The studio is light and airy and it looks current and incredible together. Now, for outdoor family portraits, if everyone wears black turtlenecks and jeans you could all look like a 90s throwback. See the difference there?

4. Moms, make sure it’s not too loose. I know that those loose tent style dresses are all the rage right now. It does seem like it would hide a multitude of sins. The unfortunate reality is that very loose tops and dresses tend to add weight to a person in camera. Shop for dresses or tops that fit amazingly well, but not overly tight. Conversely, you do not want to be popping out of it! Well fitted clothing is so much more flattering to any figure. This goes for you too, teen daughters.

5. Consider patterns and solids carefully.  Another thing that can add weight are giant flower prints. Patterns can work ok, but make sure they aren’t overwhelming or too busy. Solids and bright solids photograph fantastically.

6. Dress for the season. This seems obvious, however, I’ve found that it isn’t always so. If the leaves have turned red and orange and gold fall colors, think about dressing correctly for the fall season. A spaghetti strapped spring/summer dress might look strange in this setting.

7. Make sure you feel like a million dollars in it and that it is comfortable. This seems like another obvious one, but when we get frustrated shopping, we tend to settle. Consider, though, that your portraits don’t happen every day. You are likely going to hang a picture on your wall and walk past it daily for the next several years. You don’t want to wish you were wearing something else every time you look at it.

8. The small details can make or break the look. Whatever you are wearing, make sure you iron it. Guys, wear dark socks if your are wearing dark shoes. Ladies, don’t have bra straps showing if you don’t want them in your forever pictures. Add beautiful accessories, jewelry or a scarf to finish off an outfit. With summer dresses, I love wedge sandals to lengthen the legs. Just make sure polish it off!

9. Lastly, make it special. Having your family portraits taken is special. Dress it up a bit or dress it up a lot. This depends on your personal style and taste. Think about what you want your forever memories to be. I hope this little dress for success installment has helped you think about how to shop for your next family portrait session!


Baby Maura Makes Her Debut

Baby Maura Makes Her Debut

Sarah & Joe brought sweet Maura into me a few weeks back. Big brother, Finn came in to. We got to talking about people we knew and had in common. It really is such a small world. Maura started out a little disinterested in me posing her, but I got to spend some time holding her and feeding her, getting her used to her surroundings and she fell into a sweet sleep for me with dreams and smiles. Below, is the finished product of our Signature Session…

Just a note: The pose of baby holding her head in hands is done with great care and caution. Baby’s safety is my number one concern. Hands were supporting baby at all times and the final image is made merging two in photoshop…St Louis Newborn PhotographerSt. Louis Newborn PhotosFestus, Mo. Newborn Photos

Newborn Photos Festus, Mo

2018 Mommy and Me Sessions ~ St. Louis Children’s Photographer

2018 Mommy and Me Sessions ~ St. Louis Children’s Photographer

A Mother’s Love

Motherhood. No other love compares. In my younger years, I may have loved a boy. Or, thought I did, lol.  Right now, I love a really good man. A great husband. It’s a good love. But, not to be compared to the love you have for your child. Don’t worry, my husband wouldn’t be offended. He feels the same way about our child. Your world is forever changed the first time your see that tiny face. Forever changed, in the hardest and best ways.

To be a mother means your heart is walking around outside of your body. You will never not put these little beings first, always worry about them, always sacrifice everything for their well being and happiness.

The greatest joy of my life, the greatest gift I was ever given by God was to become Noah’s mommy. As an adult person, the full understanding of the love my own mother has for me was realized once I became one myself. It is quite humbling. To know all that love my mother has for me. The only other being that loves us as much as our parents is our heavenly Father.

In honor of mom’s every where, I created this little Limited Edition Mommy & Me Session. It’s a little light and airy studio session.  Be in pictures with your children for them someday. It will mean the world to you now, but also the world to them later in life to have these. If you live within the St. Louis or Jefferson County area, and are looking for a family photographer for Mommy and Me photos, please consider working with me here at Tara Price Photography.

Mommy & Me Session Info:

You can book a studio session until the end of May, 2018

$199 + tax

10 hand edited digital images for download, with print release

Call or contact me here 314-779-8860,


Jamie & Ella’s full session below:

st. louis mommy & me photos

mommy & me photos festus mo

mommy & me photos st. louis

Welcome Baby Stella / St. Louis Newborn Photography

Welcome Baby Stella / St. Louis Newborn Photography

So, I’ve been making some much needed changes in the studio. I added a bed last year for boudoir sessions but began to think about how versatile it could be for my other sessions.  I absolutely love to use it for my newborn and family sessions. I did my milk and cookies Christmas sessions on it and recently did a milestone session on it.

I’ve also moved my paper flower wall to the front and it is insanely stunning with mom and baby images.  Newborns. I love them so. I still have so much I still want to accomplish with them. They are the peanut butter to my jelly, my friends. I love how much the new studio set up is lending to making them even more what I love.

Meet baby Stella and her lovely parents. This is an example of the Signature Newborn Session. You get the best of all worlds: studio lifestyle portraits, a few traditional portraits and posed newborn portraits. If you are expecting in the St. Louis or Jefferson County, Mo. area, consider a studio newborn session here at Tara Price Photography. You won’t be disappointed.

By the way, all the outfits and headbands on baby Stella were made by me :). My husband jokes that since I like to sew many of own props my hourly wage is going down, but I love sewing. It’s my side love and it goes hand in hand with this, my first love, photography.

st. louis newborn photosnewborn photos st. louis mofestus mo newborn photosFestus Mo Newborn Photography
How to get the best out of your newborn session.

How to get the best out of your newborn session.

You are so excited about having your new baby photographed! You want to make sure and capture those timeless, classic newborn photos. Did you know that there are specific things you can do to make it much more probable to have a successful session? There are!

Newborn photography is incredibly specialized.  Does your newborn photographer specialized enough to know how to help you get them most out of your session?  Well, here’s a little bit of what I’ve gleaned over the years of photographing the wee little ones.

1. Keep your baby up for a couple of hours before your session. What, you say? How are you supposed to keep a new baby awake when basically he or she generally sleeps then eats then sleeps? Well, it is possible.  You can undress your baby down to a diaper as long as your house isn’t too drafty. This might result in a bit of fuss but will keep your baby awake. You can tickle his or her feet and stimulate them a bit. Next, give your baby a bath. Again, depending on your baby, you might get a little bit of fuss. But it will tire them out sufficiently to get them prepared for being in a newborn session.

2. Feed baby just before coming to the studio or right when you get here. Between tiring your baby out, getting them full and then the lull of the drive, 95% of the time your bundle of joy will is ready to go for a great session. I sometimes have parents do a little feeding right as they arrive as well, if needed.

3. Dress your baby for session success. I do love to get some lifestyle onsie pictures, so a plain white onsie is great to start with.  You can then put them in a zip up sleeper for easy removal. Leave off the socks and loosen the diaper to avoid major indentations on their skin in the portraits.

4. Give at least 48 hours after circumcision before photographing him. Little guys are often uncomfortable the day or two after.

5. Allow a pacifier if needed. If you aren’t using a pacifier, you might consider allowing it in the event the baby is not settling during the session. It is only for an hour or two and should not affect breast feeding. I always keep new ones for situations where parents decide on the moment to go ahead use it.

6. If you are breast feeding, hold the caffiene and gas causing foods. Try to refrain from having caffinated beverages 24 hours before session, or make sure that you are feeding baby pumped breast milk sans the caffiene. Also avoid vegetables that can cause gas, such as brocolli, cauliflower, etc.

7. Make sure you have eaten! New parents often forget this. Newborn sessions can last a couple of hours. My studio is stocked with beverages to make sure you stay hydrated.

8. Prepare to be warm at the studio. Because newborns cannot regulate their body temperatures as children and adults can, the studio is kept at 76-80 degrees to keep them comfortable when undressing and posing them. This can make for uncomfortable parents, so I recommend wearing layers that can be removed.

9. Dress for success! If you are planning on being in portraits with your little one,  cooridinate solid tops. Also, if Dad can bring a solid black tee. It’s great to get hands holding baby shots. With newborn family portraits, it is okay to match solid white, grey or a tan tees.

10. Expect it to take a while. Newborns each have their own personalities and likes and dislikes. Getting a beautiful full session can take up to 3 hours. I recommend leaving siblings with a trusted person if they are not in portraits. The studio is hot and it’s a long time to expect small children to cooperate. If siblings are in portraits, I try and do family portraits first so that they may either leave and go eat with someone, or at least we have them done before they get too tired and do not want to be in the pictures. 

There you have it. Follow these tips and you have a successful newborn session. Enjoy this special time, roll with it, and get amazing images!

Tara Price Photography specializes in Timeless, Classic Newborn photos in the St. Louis and Jefferson County, Missouri area, with a studio just 30 minutes south of St. Louis, in Festus.