Senior Locations

Senior Locations

Choosing your Senior Portrait Location

Maybe senior year is upon you. Maybe you know the exact look you are going for. Perhaps though, you just don’t know where to go.


Every season, when I book seniors, I am asked about locations. I ended up having to send links to multiple session blogs, over and over again. I also haven’t been the best about keeping my blog up to date. My most current sessions and new locations weren’t readily available to share. It was definitely time to remedy this. 


In all honesty, I can look around almost any location and find great backdrops and hidden gems to photograph subjects against. But I do have a good rundown of some great spots to look at. I’m so often asked where to go that it was definitely time to put some great options for people that I can send them straight to for reference.

Westport Plaza

This was a new location for me this past fall. Even with the long drive, and I have to say that I fell in love. A cool thing about this one is that it clears out after 5ish and there isn’t a ton of people to contend with. I love the little lake and the staircase with the with ivy. Walkways, colorful and quaint “Germantown feel” mixed with city. Once the lights turn on, it’s magical even if it is a race to get you photographed before the sun sets.

Festus & St. Francois State Park

Want a bit of an urban look mixed with a country vibe? Well look no further. A great option if  you are a Jefferson County native and want to stay close by. Starting in town in Festus and then moving to St. Francois state park for your senior pictures is a great option. You can also stay within Festus and do an entire session no problem. I’ve scoped all the local spots.


Also within south Jefferson County. The old buildings and staircases, paired with a couple of really pretty parks and Joachim creek makes it a great location to get lots of different looks in your session.

Forest Park

Oh, Forest Park, how I love thee.  Soooo much to offer here. From the World’s Fair Pavillion to the surrounding Muny areas. The Jewel Box to the Art Museum and below it. It’s difficult for me to get all the way around it in a session. Forest Park never disappoints for St. Louis Senior Portraits

Downtown and the St. Louis CityGarden

I love the city scape and CityGarden to get a mixture of city and urban and park. There are a lot of options to really get a variety here for your senior senior session. 

Bee Tree Park

Bee Tree Park is bit small  but still works great, especially for a second location. You have the house, the stone, and the surrounding beautiful foliage that works beautifully here. 

Lafayette Park ~ Lafayette Square

Lafayette Park is not one of St. Louis’s bigger parks, but don’t let that deceive you. There’s so much beauty here. Beautiful floral walkways and ponds with a gorgeous bridge. The historical row houses or the quaint little businesses that surround it can be incorperated into your session. Always a good choice for your senior session in St. Louis.

The Landing

The Landing area is probably currently experiencing flooding, so not currently an option. However, when that situation is resolved the landing can be a cool option if you like the old building/urban feel. Also, the newly renovated arch grounds around it will be a great option to go along with it.

Missouri Botanical Garden

Missouri Botanical Garden is such a stunning location. It is an option only certain times of the year. It closes early at 5pm.  As I photograph the last few hours of sunlight for the most beautiful light it doesn’t always work for St. Louis senior sessions.  When does it work? When they have special event later hours in the summer and in the early spring when the sun sets or on an overcast day when you are available to go earlier. Also, something to keep in mind is that you also have the cost of tickets for everyone going in.  If you have your heart set on it, though, with planning, it’s an option

This is not, by any means, all of the locations. I’ll be adding to it as I come across more in the coming seasons. My  hope is that this is a helpful tool for you to decide where you want to have your senior session with Tara Price Photography!

Love is in the Air with 2018 TPP Senior Models!

Love is in the Air with 2018 TPP Senior Models!

Happy Valentine’s Day from the TPP Senior model team! Valentine’s Day. I love it. I love pink & red. I love them together.  It’s a low key holiday, V-Day. It doesn’t pressure me, ya know? I love that it doesn’t require me to visit three houses in one day to keep everyone happy. Also, I’m reminded of God’s language to us is LOVE. I know, I know, it’s a manufactured holiday, but I still enjoy it for all the reasons above. I feel like it’s announcing that happy place we are soon coming too after we’ve suffered the cold dark winter. “It’s ok, be happy. Here’s some love to throw at you while you wait for spring to arrive.” I’ve been wanting to do this model session them for a while, mulling it over in the back of my head the last few seasons. Finally pulled the trigger and I kept it simple. The dark backdrop and the light. So my models could shine. My models did really great together for either not knowing each other or not well. Reagan I’ve known since she was a little bug, Abby I met four years ago and photographed her and her family. I also photographed Lexi’s older sister for her senior session 4 years ago. Small world and time flies, my friends. Like that and years have gone by… Everything was shot in my little studio just south of St. Louis in Festus, Mo. My happy place.  I always have a running list of things I want to do, there. I’m always moving something, painting something, changing something. I’ve got so many plans for it, but I’m happy with it enough for clients as is. If you are in the market for modern, yet classic senior photos in studio or outdoors, in Jefferson county or St. Louis, I’m currently booking into 2018!   Hair & Make up for Raegan Staat: Brea Ellsworth Makeup for Abbie Faultus & Alexis Alfod: Tara Price   If you would like more information on booking a senior session and a free copy of what to wear to rock it, please fill out the form below and I’ll be happy to send that along to you

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My Favorite Fall Looks for Senior Girls

My Favorite Fall Looks for Senior Girls

So, have you been trying to figure out what to wear for your fall senior session? Well, have I got a treat for you. I’m starting a series to help you navigate getting those outfits together. I’m going to show you what my favorite looks the last few years are and why they work for camera and Senior photos. 

When you are putting together your senior looks it’s important to consider what time of year you are getting them done in.  If you live here in Missouri, you know that the weather is unpredictable. I just did a late September session and it was 95 degrees.  When considering fall, even if it’s warm out, it looks a little strange to wear a sleeveless springy outfit if all the leaves have turned. Keep it in mind as you choose. Also, Senior portraits are special. Make sure your outfits are your best! My personal feeling is that you should go dressier than the everyday. Even if you are going to wear jeans, there are ways to dress it up and make it special. 

Another aspect to consider in choosing outfits is how they will look together on the wall in a collage. Be mindful of the final product will look all together. 

Okay, let’s look at three beauties that did their fall style perfectly…

01 St. Louis Senior Photos

Alex chose so well here. The fall tones are perfect for the time of year and for her skin tone. The scarves add beautifully and dress the outfits up a bit. She didn’t add too much other jewelry, but didn’t need it as the scarf is a statement piece. Although you can wear prints, solid colors are always a safe choice as prints can sometimes be distracting if they are too busy or add weight. 

03 Festus, Mo. Senior Photos

Alex’s last outfit is a patterned romper that says fall. To offset that it’s cooler out and she was in a shorts romper, she smartly paired it with dark nylons and knee high black suede boots. She did add earrings and the whole look works. Just a side note, as we begin photographing, I always look for places that are going to make the outfit shine. I love how the Stone and wood just looks like the outfit was made for this moment. 

12 St. Louis Senior Photographer

One trend I’ve been seeing over and over in the last few years is the giant shift dresses that have no waist. Although the look may be popular, please avoid it for your pictures. It tends to not be a flattering look in camera. A tiny girl looks like she’s lost in it and an average to above average sized girl will unfortunately look bigger than she is in it. Save that look for fun, not your portaits. With all the options out there, try and find something that has a waist to it. More fitted looks photograph the best.

Ellis choose a fitted jacket paired with dark jeans and a shirt for the first look shown.  I love the choice of olive green here and I found it photographed so beautifully in the red leaves. She also wore some great ankle boots with this, always a great choice.  I’m also in love with this wine color that has been really big the last few falls. Notice Ellis’s waist shows in it as the dress is made to have one.  The off the shoulder makes it a little bit dressy. She paired the dress with a long necklace, which polishes the look off.

11 Festus Mo. Senior PhotographyNext, let’s take a look at Lauren’s look. I remember this being such a cold day, but she knocked it out of the park with these looks. She chose a patterned dress, but the patterns on it are small black and white, so they don’t overpower her in it. The dress is an empire waist, but isn’t so loose that she gets lost in it. To dress it up, make it say fall a bit more, and pull in the waist even further, she paired it with a fitted black jacket. A pop of that wine color dresses the look up and says fall! She also wore high heel ankle shoes, which I recommend. A higher heel always lengthens the legs. She finished the look off with a long necklace and a pair of earrings. 

10 St. Louis Senior Photos

You know you’re getting up there in age when you see the looks you used to wear coming back in style. Turtlenecks, higher waists, courderoy, and tights are all back. Lauren kept a polished look with all of it. The olive green color is in style and says fall. Solid black is always flattering, and the polkadot tights are a fun little pop of style. 

Well, I hope that gives you an insight on how to pull together your outfits for your fall senior session. Stay tuned for the next installment in this series. 






Raegan’s Homecoming Shoot  Part 2

Raegan’s Homecoming Shoot Part 2

Here we are again showcasing this gorgeous girl! Raegan had homecoming this weekend, so I can now share these since everyone has seen her dress. We really did have a ball doing these. If you’ve ever wished to have you’re daughter professionally photographed in her dance dress, without the pressure of having to be somewhere, it definitely makes for a relaxed session. If you are going to have it done, make sure you get your hair and make up Raegan’s mom, the talented Brea Ellsworth!
01 St. Louis Senior Photos03 St. Louis Senior Photos04 St. Louis Senior Photos05 St. Louis Senior Photos06 St. Louis Senior Photos07 St. Louis Senior Photos08 St. Louis Senior Photos02 St. Louis Senior Photos

Raegan’s Dress Shoot Part One

Raegan’s Dress Shoot Part One

Raegan, oh Raegan. I can’t believe how much you reminded me of your mom in this shoot. This was such a nice time, doing a shoot with no rush to have to go anywhere. It didn’t have to be in the harsh light of earlier day and we were able to do a location not worrying about the proximity to other locations and times.  If you would love to do a session in your dress without the stress of the dance day attached to it, make sure you get in touch!

This dress was Rae’s prom dress and we’ve all been so busy we weren’t able to shoot it until a few weeks ago. We also photographed her in her homecoming dress. Stay tuned as it will be coming up in part two once she’s been seen in it for homecoming! Hair and make up by her crazy talented mom, Brea Ellsworth.