Magical Senior Portraits in Crystal City and Festus Mo.

Magical Senior Portraits in Crystal City and Festus Mo.

Had a magical session with Maggie in October. It was perfect weather for this session and the light was magic. Actually, I remember it being pretty hot and humid that afternoon, lol. But, still all in all, perfect.  Brea Politte was on the hair and make up home front as always. As you can see Maggie is just stunning with the most amazing hair, eyes and lips. We almost always add false lashes for that extra pop but Maggie’s lashes were LONGER and thicker than the falsies! Sigh. God blessed me with other things, I guess. Maggie wanted to stay around town. So we started photographing in Crystal City. Love the beautiful backlight and the super fun outfit Maggie chose to start with. Really all of her outfit choices were gorgeous.

This one below made it to the sneak peaks but since it is my favorite from the session, you get to see it again! It made it to the cover of my Senior info magazine. Love it soooo much. I think she could be the cover of any magazine, really.

Close up of a brunette high school senior girl with gorgeous brown eyes

Found a little foliage covered archway and grabbed some here.

Maggie was loving the red brick so we stopped here. Getting an introspective look.

Um, her beautiful hair. Wow.

Next we headed off to West City Park. Most of it is blah, but this pretty little area tucked away to the side is one of my favorite park areas in Festus/Crystal City to photograph in.

Of course, I LOVE the pop of the blue shirt with her dark hair and eyes.

brunette high school senior girl in a bright blue shirt standing next to leaves

Love this one below. Little bit of sassiness here.

Maggie was dying to get some shots near the train tracks. We were fighting against it getting dark but we made it. Always love a girl in tall grass.

I love the one below.

Beautiful Girl. Beautiful Day. Beautiful Session.

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Colorful Fall Senior Portraits in Festus Mo.

Colorful Fall Senior Portraits in Festus Mo.

Welcome to Katie’s Fall Senior Session!

If you follow my work at all, you know that I adore color. Love. Not that I don’t enjoy a beautiful moody black and white, but color always draws me back.  Katie’s session was in the late summer, early fall and we still had some flowers blooming and some of the trees just starting to turn.  The day and Katie’s wardrobe choices were full of amazing color. We chose to stay local  and that day was calling for major rain. We decided to risk it and it turned out to be perfect (aside from some humidity) overcast with a little tiny bit of sprinkling.  We felt like we were racing against time and we stayed really close together for all but the last of the images. They wanted to start around the roses in front of her school and that led to three other spots I noticed just surrounding us.  At the end of the session Katie’s mom mentioned she knew of an abandoned building that was getting ready to be torn up not far away. I was game! The images were my favorites of the day. So glad she thought of it.

Sitting amid yellow roses.

Love the pop of her red dress against the blue. I got her twirling and got a little dancing shot. I really love the softness of her outfit against the bit of grunge of the backdrop.

I spotted this little field across from her high school and knew the yellow would look amazing with the blue shirt.

brunette high school senior girl wearing a blue shirt standing in a field of yellow wildflowers smiling

The abandoned house. We of course did not go inside. we just photographed around it.

To the side of the house was this tree that basically had like five trees growing out of the base. it was the perfect fan to surround her.

O.M.G. This one below is my very favorite from the session. Absolutely stunning young woman.

senior girl with long brown hair looking over her shoulder surrounded by an orange fall tree

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Gorgeous Tower Grove Park Mo High School Senior Portraits

Gorgeous Tower Grove Park Mo High School Senior Portraits

Gorgeous Senior Portraits with Kirsten at Tower Grove Park

Oh, Kirsten, Kirsten, Kirsten! You are a vision of beauty . This was one of my favorites of last year. The weather was so beautiful and there were still flowers in bloom. Kirsten’s clothing choices were spectacularly perfect.

We started out here.  I am in total love with this one. The light, the color of her dress, and the tree.

Love me a little back light. Soft and warm. And that gorgeous smile!

I should really do a post as to all the reasons I love this park. Weeping Willow, yes you’d be on the list

Okay, so I the minute I saw the trees and flowers and her dress, I knew what I was trying for.  Beautiful blonde in a flowing white dress. I  was going for a bit of fantasy here-kind of ethereal goddess peeking around the tree in a magical garden. Or a bit of an Alice in wonderland feel to it.  I think she thought I was nuts, but I really ended up loving this one.

Pink roses, beautiful girl. How perfect

And of course with this dress, we had to hit the stone “ruins” at the front of the park. Here, she became the Greek Goddess, lol.

One more outfit change and I am crazy about that shirt. I wish I owned one, actually. So perfect to end the session with.  Again, the pink in the background just complemented her perfectly. And then the magic happened again. These are in the favorites of the session too.

Her sweet nature shines through her entire session. I loved everything about this one. Hugs to you, sweet girl!

Senior season is just about here and  I just can’t wait to get this season underway!   Ready to book your session, Give me a call 314.779.8860

Modern Senior Portraits in St Louis Mo Tower Grove Park

Modern Senior Portraits in St Louis Mo Tower Grove Park

When I met with Marissa and her mom, she said that Marissa wanted modern senior portraits and that she had her own confident sense of style. This young woman has the best sense of style! Can’t tell you how excited I was when I saw the wardrobe she brought. Loved her amazing dresses. We started at the studio with the always amazing Brea Politte Pruneau on the hair and make up front. We got warmed up there and then headed over to my fav~ Tower Grove Park. We photographed until it was too dark to photograph any more.

This is the look she started with at the studio so I knew we were in for fun! Got a bit of a rocker girl feel to it 🙂

Her first dress fit so perfect in this setting. Love all the colors and the fit of it.

I had been dying to photograph someone in these giant elephant ears

This one below is in my studio I love it so much

This dress reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Looove the pop of color with her shoes

I always love a genuine laugh. I’m sure I said something along the lines of “okay, now fake laugh for me. HAAAAAHAAAAHAAA~like that” They pretty much laugh at me at that point.

OMG, these dresses. Such a sense of style.

Love this one below

She was completely tired at this point. We had exhausted her and it was just about completely dark, but she gave me a few more great ones.

Marissa, loved working with you! Such a great time!

Best St. Louis High School Senior Portraits with Emily

Best St. Louis High School Senior Portraits with Emily

I’m not a great writer, but I do love to share images and I know my clients appreciate it as well. So, without further adieu, please feast your eyes on Senior beauty Emily from last summer!!! She was so much fun, laid back, you can tell she is a confident young women who is ready to take on the world. And her eyes!! Holy cow…

black and white image of a senior girl smiling with an iron fence behind herSenior girl looking over her shoulder with piercing green eyes

Choosing a newborn photographer part 1~ Safety

Choosing a newborn photographer part 1~ Safety

So you are joyfully expecting? Aaand, you want to make sure to capture those sweet first curly newborn moments. This time in your baby’s life is so fleeting. Babies change so much in just a week or two. It seems that everyone is a photographer these days. How do you know who to choose for these once in a lifetime portraits?

I’ve created this little guide to help you know what to look for in a photographer and to be able to make an informed decision. There is a lot of info so I’m breaking it up into two parts. Today, we are going to start with safety.

  1. How much experience does the photographer have with newborns specifically? How long have he/she been working with them? Newborn photography is like no other with special safety precautions. If your photographer is new with newborns and is nervous, your little one will sense that and it can affect the session (more…)