Newborn session FAQs

How much experience do you have with newborns?

I have photographed newborns for over 8 years. I started photographing them within the hospital setting and it gave me a lot of experience handling and getting to know how to read newborns. I’ve probably photographed over 400 newborns simply because I would do so many in a day at that time. I left that setting to be able to have the creativity and freedom to photograph newborns the way I desired.

What other credentials do you have?

I was independently named one of the top 20 newborn photographers in St. Louis for 2017, 2018 and 2019 by My business is legal, licensed and is also insured. I have taken classes in safety and it is the most important thing to me when photographing your little one. I will never put a precious baby in a position that is not safe, or that your baby finds painful.  Additionally, I am up to date on immunizations.

When should I book my session?

To give my clients the best possible service, I only take a certain number of sessions a month. To avoid disappointment, I recommend booking your session by your second trimester. 

When do you photograph my baby?

Posed newborn sessions are most successful when done under the three week mark. Sessions are often booked at the 2nd trimester and as soon as baby arrives, we pick a solid session date. But don’t despair if you are past the three week mark! You can still have beautiful newborn images. Newborn lifestyle sessions and studio session with baby wrapped up can be done up to two months old.

What is a lifestyle newborn session? 

Your session can be strictly lifestyle/”unposed” or just baby all wrapped up and posed on a backdrop or both. You get to decide!

Whether you want me to come to you or you to me, I’ve got the session for you. I truly love both lifestyle and studio posed sessions, so it makes sense for me to offer both to you and let you decide what speaks most to your heart. Your session can be strictly lifestyle/”unposed” or just baby all wrapped up and posed on a backdrop or both. You get to decide! In Lifestyle sessions I guide you into place and then photograph authentic moments as they unfold. This can be done in a studio setting, or in your home or at the hospital before you leave to go home. 

What is a posed newborn session?

Posed newborn session are done in my studio. We will capture baby on fabric backdrops, typically sleeping and curled up. I also often do wrapped up shots if baby is wide awake and also do fur and prop shots in a posed session. Lifestyle family images can be captured with a posed session. Additionally, while I do backdrops and props with newborn poses, my newborn sessions are very baby led. That just means a less stressful session for everyone. We take cues from your baby and capture what he or she is happy doing

Do I come to a studio or do you come to my home?

I am available to come to your home for lifestyle sessions. I also have a studio space for in studio lifestyle sessions and posed newborn sessions

How long do Newborn Sessions Last?

It depends on which session you choose. Lifestyle only sessions generally last about 60 minutes. Wrapped posed sessions last 30-45 minutes and full posed sessions range from 90 minutes to 3 hours. Although not all newborn photographers feel this way, I personally feel like full newborn sessions shouldn’t exceed about 3 hours maximum as everyone starts to get exhausted and it can lead to stress on you and your new little baby. 

Do you provide the props?

I have a studio full of props and back drop fabrics, ranging in colors that tend to be in the muted range.  Every artist and photographer has a particular style and you’ll see mine though out all of my work.  You won’t see Disney characters,  or elaborate themes, giant tutus and angel wings with crowns in my work. There is nothing wrong with those things! It’s just not what my artistry is about. I want your images to be classic, organic

Can I bring my own props?

Newborn photographers often curate props that match their artistic style and are specifically sized to fit tiny newborns. Although cute and tempting to shop for your upcoming session, those crochet lady bug costumes that is supposed to fit a newborn almost always fit 6 month olds and look like they are swallowing up your baby. Additionally, as an artist I want my photographs that I take for you to match the style of images you are hiring me for. That’s why you are coming to me! If you want to incorporate something that is a family keepsake, we can definitely do that. 

What is your photographic style?

With my posed sessions, you will see a lot of monochromatic tones and wood with those colors. I feel like monochromatic colors lend to a more cohesive images and gallery with a more classic look. I want my work to stand the test of time. Ultimately, I want my galleries to be classic and timeless with rustic and organic touches.

As newborn photography is such an important life milestone to document, I encourage you to find a newborn photographer whose work 100% speaks to your personal style.



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